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When the weight of your calling feels burdensome and doubts crowd your heart, remember this: you are not alone. You are a cherished child of God — a daughter of the King of kings. At Alabaster Heart, we understand the challenges that come with serving in ministry and leadership roles. We empathize with the burnout, the doubt, the loneliness, and the fears of rejection that can quietly erode your spirit.

With unwavering love and devotion, our heart is to be a beacon of hope, guiding you to the streams of living water. We are here to remind you of your worth, ignite your passion, and fuel your sense of purpose — to provide a space where you can be refilled, refreshed, and renewed so you can continue building the kingdom of God, making an impact on those He has faithfully entrusted you with. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in ministry for a long time...come, and rest at His feet.

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The gift of 
You arenot alone.

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