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Meet Our Team

Alabaster Heart, founded in 2020, is grounded in the truths of the Bible and led by a group of dedicated women who love Jesus wholeheartedly. Their mission is simple yet profound - to help women find true healing and freedom found in Jesus Christ — connecting them to God's Word and to one another, and build the kingdom of God for His glory.


This mission is what drives the team at AHM, and they are committed to fulfilling it with all their hearts. The AHM team brings their unique gifts, talents, and experiences to the table, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide their steps. At AHM, the team is devoted to serving in their local church and community as well. They have an unwavering commitment to being led by the Holy Spirit and by placing their trust in God, the AHM team is able to offer women a place where they can grow in their faith and experience the transformative power of God's love.

Jennifer Smith


Jennifer Smith, founder of Alabaster Heart Ministries, is a devoted follower of Jesus who lives her life wholeheartedly for His purpose. Jennifer has been following Jesus as her Lord and Savior since the age of 19. Her heart's desire is helping women discover joy, hope, healing, and freedom in Jesus Christ. Currently Jennifer is pursuing her bachelors in Biblical Studies and Ministries. She supports her husband in their local business and is an active member of her community and serves within her local church. Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as traveling. She resides in Southwest Michigan with her husband, Paul. Together they have three children and are blessed with new additions to the family, a son-n-law and grandson!

Ang Stevens


Angela Stevens is a small-town girl taking BIG steps in faithfully seeking the Lord, trusting in the Lord to give her strength and guidance to be her authentic self in every situation. She is married to her best friend, Gregg, and is a devoted wife and mother who thrives on time spent with family and friends. She serves at her local church and enjoys community and connecting with other women.

Mia Gilbert


Mia Gilbert was born and raised in rural St Joseph County, Michigan, where she and her husband of 26 years have put down roots. She’s the mom of two adult daughters and host-mom to two exchange daughters from Austria and Spain. Mia was saved at a young age and grew up in church. She has taught Sunday School, led Bible Studies, directed children’s ministry and VBS, and served on several committees and boards within the church where she grew up. After walking through a hard season of job and church changes, she and her husband now attend Grace Christian Fellowship, where they oversee the Café Ministry. One of Mia’s passions is learning, but specifically, she loves learning about leadership development. In addition, she has a heart for women, especially the college-age/young married. Mia works as a bookkeeper/office manager for Five Lakes Coffee in Sturgis, Michigan.

Amy Keeslar


Amy Keeslar, a woman who has accepted the Lord into her heart at a young age, finds joy in the journey despite struggling with an autoimmune disease. With her husband of 28 years and two daughters by her side, she spends time with family and friends while encouraging them to turn towards Jesus. She finds solace in nature and God's promises while unwinding on her property in rural Southwest Michigan, when not engaged with ministry or supporting loved ones.

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